Grants, Schemes & UK Demo Tour

Grants, Schemes & UK Demo Tour

Benefits of the FETF & SFI Schemes

Did you know that the current FEFT 218 Robotic drill and guide hoe grant is worth an incredible £37,539. Combine the grant with the available SFI mechanical weeding actions (based on 40ha spring sugar beet crop and 40ha winter OSR crop) and you could be looking at receiving an additional £12,000 per year just for using your FD20.

To showcase the precision and ease of use of the FD20, we are planning a FarmDroid UK Demo Tour, where you can come and see the FD20 in action, talk to current users and ask our product specialists any questions you may have.

The tour is due to take place in late spring/early summer and the dates/locations are to be confirmed. To register your interest, add your details to the short form below and we will be in touch as soon as the demo day details dates are confirmed.

FarmDroid FD20 - Making It Pay Infographic

FarmDroid FD20 - Balancing The Costs

FarmDroid FD20 - Return On Investment

Come and meet the FD20


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