FarmDroid is distributed throughout the UK by OPICO Ltd.

FarmDroid is the world’s first fully automatic robot that both seeds and mechanically weeds. A single FarmDroid machine reduces the cost of drilling and weeding in an environmentally friendly way - it is energy independent, powered by solar panels and is CO2 neutral.

FarmDroid ApS was founded by brothers Jens and Kristian Warming who realised that technology could remove the costly and laborious hand weeding of their organic sugar beet.  The brothers built their first prototype in 2012. 

After securing external investment, FD v1.0 was launched in 2018.  That first year, the fledgling company sold 12 units for organic sugar beet.  In 2019, the same year the brothers took FarmDroid to Agritechnica, they sold a further 38 machines into Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland. By the spring of 2022 more than 250 FarmDroids are seeding and weeding more than 30 different crops across 15 countries in Europe.


FarmDroid FD20 is a solar panel driven field robot that, by using a GPS signal, marks the placement of the crops at sowing and subsequently performs mechanical weed control both between the rows and within the rows.

The precise placement of each seed sown makes it possible to weed everything that isn't the required crop, thereby minimising, or completely eliminating, the need for manual weed control.

The four solar panels power a battery pack and ensure up to 24 hours of daily CO2-neutral operation. Being independently powered the FarmDroid FD20 can work in the field throughout the entire season.

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FarmDroid sells robot #250 within 2 years

Danish robotics company FarmDroid, reach a major milestone by selling their 250th robot - a remarkable achievement for a company that was only founded in 2018. 

6 weeks ago

FarmDroid FD20 arrives at Shropshire Petals

Powered by the sun, Shropshire Petals' FarmDroid FD20 flower robot will spend its time seeding and then weeding Delphiniums, removing the requirement for the hours of manual weeding usually required. 

7 weeks ago