Are alternative weed control techniques viable?

Discover how the FarmDroid FD20 performed against some of the competition when tested by German researchers. If you're looking for a hint - the results were very impressive, specifically in regards to how much herbicide usage was reduced as well as the level of weeding efficacy achieved.

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FarmDroid FD20 fitted with optional spot spraying applicator Spot spraying in progress on growing crop, fitted to solar-powered FarmDroid FD20 robot

A trial was conducted in the UK in 2023 with a FarmDroid FD20, where it seeded and weeded a 3.26 acre field of Fodder Beet in Cambridgeshire. The solar-powered seed-n-weed robot did a fantastic job, eliminating the need for any weeding by hand. The 3.26 acre field produced a crop weighing 150 tonnes (46 tonnes/acre). 

This  Farmers Weekly Logo article was originally featured in April 2024.